Did you know …

  • A Special Wish Foundation (ASW) was one of the first wish-granting organizations in the United States, founded in 1982. It is one of the largest wish-granting organizations in the United States.
  • ASW is the only major wish-granting foundation in the United States which grants wishes to qualifying infants/children/adolescents from birth through and including the age of 20 years.
  • ASW has been classified as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions are tax deductible, as allowed by IRS.
  • 95% of the individuals who work for ASW do so as volunteers.
  • Hundreds of wishes are granted by the Foundation each year, across the United States.
  • The average cost of a wish is $3,500.
  • Immediate family members are included in the granting of wishes, whenever possible.
  • The first wish granted by ASW was in 1982 to six-year-old Amber Johnson, a leukemia victim, who was able to travel with her family to Disney World to visit with her favorite Disney characters, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Thousands of wishes have been granted since then.
  • ASW receives its monetary support solely from donations and fund raising. We NEVER use the services of professional fundraisers and 100% of each donation benefits the Foundation. We NEVER solicit funds by phone!
  • The largest percentage of financial support comes from individual contributions.
  • ASW was founded in 1982 by Ramona Fickle, an Ohio resident, because of her concern over a lack of services available to terminally-ill children.
  • Members/volunteers represent both professional and nonprofessional categories.
  • There is never any discrimination based on race, gender, religion or nationality in A Special Wish Foundation.