Founder’s Corner – A note from Ramona Fickle

Most of us are aware of our blessings during the holidays and we realize how fortunate we really are. But – what about the remainder of the year?

How can we show appreciation for the blessings that we have? It’s simple – volunteer your time to a worthwhile organization you respect and believe in! If you have enough resources that will allow you to make a donation of money, do so! Do it for those less fortunate than you and also, do it for yourself! You will feel good about it and it will enable you to do what Coach Woody Hayes believes in – giving forward instead of giving back.

Here at A Special Wish Foundation, we are always looking for good volunteers to help us. Some help out with fund-raisers, some with comparative shopping and how we can get the “best deal” to help us serve more children, and some help with office work. What would you like to assist in and what would you enjoy most? Call our volunteer coordinator and request a volunteer bio so that we may get in touch with you and talk to you about giving some time to the program so our special children can benefit!

You’ll be glad you volunteered and so will others!

~Ramona Fickle